The Chardonnay Mom: A Newsletter for Wine Lovers and the Wine Curious

Introductions are in order

My 14-year-old son informed me I’m “a Chardonnay mom.” While this label is supposedly better than a “Karen,” it still carries more than a few stereotypes. According the Urban Dictionary, that font of modern wisdom, Chardonnay moms use kids as accessories, like to gossip, are more than willing to try out other dads in the neighborhood, and, according to my son, often call themselves “writers.” (He uses air quotes when he describes my full-time job. That one cut deep).  

How the lovely versatile, chameleon-like grape that is as old as the hills and is THE most popular grape on the planet could be associated with such drivel is beyond me. I LOVE Chardonnay, have tried and tested them for years – no…decades!—visiting countless wineries the world over to drink them in their natural habitats, and will not apologize for my devotion. I told my boy I’m not merely a Chardonnay Mom.

I’m THE Chardonnay Mom, Baby!

And I have a few things to say about wine. Read on.


Let’s discuss the Chardonnays I currently have on offer:

Gallivant (Central Coast, CA): Allow me to gush. This Chard combine soft, creamy butter and flavors or baking spices with just a hint of caramel – oh my. Pair it with white fish, salmon, truffled anything, or (my favorite) popcorn on a Monday night. Drink it anytime, with anyone, because it’s good enough to win over the Chard-skeptics. $25

Fieldhouse 2018 (Mendocino, CA): This is our most expensive Chard and I can see why. At $35, you get lots of subtle layers. This creamy Chard will appeal to the Gallivant and Dove Hunt Dog lovers alike. You’ll get the Meyer lemon but also softer tastes of honeysuckle.

Fiddleneck (Mendocino/Lake County, CA): Calling all citrus fans! Here you’ll taste pineapple, lemon, and apple but not in an overpowering way. It’s a soft and gentle variety. Take this substantial wine to a dinner where you don’t know what you’ll be eating. $22

Dove Hunt Dog (Potter Valley, CA): With its adorable label of a pointer dog, and earthy, crisp citrusy/apple-y flavor, this is the easy crowd-pleaser you can take to a summer cookout…even if that cookout is on your own patio. $25

Adelante 2019 (Chile): It’s creamy, goes with fish and cheese, and is vegan. Lighter mouthfeel than my beloved Gallivant, with a bonus tastes of vanilla. Nice price point, too. $19

*Adelante 2019 (Argentina): Made on the other side of the mountain from the Chilean cousin, this …bits of caramel, too. I love the prices of South American wines. This puppy is $21.

*Veinte (Chile) Another earthy and crisp variety. Expect some peach to seep into this clean tasting Chardonnay. Serve with veggies or chicken. $24

Need wine? Delivered to your door? I think you might. Go here.


What does * mean? These wines are exclusive to our wine club, Scout Circle, which is the easiest, most accessible wine club ever. If you regularly drink wine/host gatherings/gift wine, this is a great deal. Get 4, 6, or 12 curated bottles, chosen by our CEO Sommalier, every month, every other month, or once a quarter. You choose between all whites, all reds, or mixed. Prices start at $89/four bottles. Free (and faster) shipping; cancel anytime. Receiving my Scout Circle boxes is how I fell in love with the company. Join here.


Need wine assistance? I’m happy to curate wines for my friends, and friends in the making. Let me know what foods and flavors you like, and I will pick you some winners. I also love tastings and am happy to conduct one for you and your friends be it a special occasion, a little pre-game, or you know, Wednesday.

Contact me at


Let’s be clear. I love many other kinds of wine.

A current summer favorite that WILL SELL OUT is the Epic Pursuit Rosé Wine Spritzer. You taste all the summer fruits—strawberry, peach, blood oranges—with a dose of carbonated umph. So incredibly tasty. And because they come in cute little cans, you can take them to the beach, pool, patio, a socially-distant picnic, wherever. Everyone I know who has tried them falls in love.

Four 250ml cans for $19. (Limit: 6 packages per order).


Copyright © Carol Kaufmann, All Rights Reserved, 2020

About me:

I’m an executive consultant for Scout & Cellar, a wine company based in Texas that sources and creates Clean-Crafted wines from small farms and family-owned vineyards. I joined the team because these wines are delicious, made responsibly without all the chemicals, pesticides, additives, and sweeteners used frequently in other mass-produced wines.

I’m also a full-time author/writer/editor; wife and mom of two teenagers, three rescue cats, and a very opinionated bulldog (see below); and native Kentuckian. I love books, travel, my friends and neighbors, and current hometown of Alexandria, Virginia.

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