The Chardonnay Mom Tries a Cocktail

Vol. 5, July 22, 2020 | Carol Kaufmann

I love wine, particularly Chardonnay, and am also crazy about reds— almost every red grape under the sun—and even sip them during the torturous heat wave a big portion of the country is experiencing right now.But the time has come to expand.

I love a good cocktail but have had trouble in the past, um, regulating myself. Many are just too strong and sugary, and cause ridiculous headaches. I just don’t know how much to drink before descending into the abyss of a bad next morning.

We now have a solution: Wilderness Road.

What the devil is a mixable, as our Victorian ancestors might have asked? It’s a combination of white and rosé wines that are carbon-purified to soften the wine characteristics. Then, it’s distilled and mixed with a Clean-Crafted™ grape wine, which raises the alcohol level to around 20% (which is about half the amount of alcohol in vodka or gin).

Shorthand: This lower-alcohol alternative means you can drink a few cocktails without worrying about repercussions. It’s the same size as a bottle of wine, provides 17 servings (more or less), and costs $38.

What can you do with this new-fangled mixable? You could….

  • Mix with organic tonic water or soda water with a slice of lemon or lime.
  • Try with water and an organic citrus slice.
  • Use it in your favorite cocktail (a Daquiri, Cosmo, Mojito, etc.)
  • Try this recipe named after the winery’s dog (a beautiful, happy Golden Retriever).

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Other thoughts:

*Would you like a sip of our wines? If you’re local–in the DMV area, that is–I can bring you a few in tiny bottles. Let me know:

*Would you like to join me in the wonderful world of wine? Let me know that, too!


© 2020 Carol Kaufmann

About me:

My teenage son presented me with a burst of inspiration when he sarcastically called me “a Chardonnay mam” one night at dinner. Why should that be an insult? I thought. Why disparage that seriously versatile, glorious grape? Right then, I decided I would proudly take on that title and promote Chardonnay one glass at a time.

And all the other delicious wines out there.

I’m now an executive consultant for Scout & Cellar, a wine company based in Texas that sources and creates Clean-Crafted™ wines from small farms and family-owned vineyards. I joined the team because these wines are delicious, made responsibly without all the chemicals, pesticides, additives, and sweeteners used frequently in other mass-produced wines, and can be consumed by many who have health issues. (Please check with your doctor). Oh, and they’re keto- and paleo-friendly and have 40% fewer calories than most other wines.

I’m also a full-time author/writer/editor; wife and mom of two teenagers, three rescue cats, and a very opinionated bulldog (see below); and native Kentuckian. I love books, travel, my friends and neighbors, wine (of course), and current hometown of Alexandria, Virginia.

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