The Chardonnay Mom Breaths a Sigh of Relief, Goes to Beach

The Chardonnay Mom, vol. 9| Carol Kaufmann | August 26, 2020

Need clean-crafted, delicious wine delivered to your door? I can hook you up.

My friend Lili told me she hadn’t had red wine, which she loves, in 20 years.

Sad. Lili is a multi-lingual lawyer by day as well as a fellow mom-in-the-trenches, neighbor, wife, and tell-it-like-it-is friend. She has three kids, one of whom she just transported to college halfway across the country, only to turn around a few days later to evacuate her due to fast-approaching hurricanes. She’s also a three-time breast cancer survivor, who has rebounded better than ever, and boldly seeks to live her life with hope and purpose. I adore her.

If anyone deserves a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, it’s Lili.

But Lili hasn’t been able to drink wine for two solid decades. The last time she had a glass of red, she got a terrible migraine and was out of commission the whole next day. Understandably, she doesn’t want to risk that again.

So when I began bringing Scout & Cellar wine to my neck of the woods, I cautiously suggested, “Lili, I think you can drink this wine.” My dear college friend Kris was in the same boat, eschewing wine due to migraines. She gave S&C whites, reds, and rosés a shot, and is now on her third delivery, so I thought Lili, too, could drink it. Lili was curious, but leery. She came over and she gingerly sipped a Dove Hunt Dog rosé. I held my breath.

And felt perfectly fine the next day. Emboldened by the experience, she came to the patio again, along with friends we’ve known since our kids were in pre-school Gina and Caty Gee, another red wine sufferer. I poured a Fieldhouse Red blend, and Lili loved it so much she had another generous pour.

The next day I was terrified. What if the red wine brought back her migraines? Around 10:30 during the work day, I’m staring at my phone debating whether to call her, when her name appears.

Lili’s wine – with Caty Gee in the background

“I FEEL GREAT!” she screams into the phone. “Do you have any more?”

I know of stories of folks who have various conditions – autoimmune diseases, a doctor-ordered diet of no gluten, dairy, and sugar, GERD, and various allergies (such as Caty Gee and me) who can drink Scout & Cellar wines. But when your cancer-surviving friend who has so much on her plate already, dips her toe back into Wineville…you do NOT want anything going wrong.

And it didn’t. I owe (yet another) debt of gratitude to the folks at Scout & Cellar who source from farmers making wine without additives, pesticides, and sweeteners, lab test it twice to make sure, and have figured out how to get it to people throughout the country during COVID. I know that, in the grand scheme of things, having a glass of wine is a small thing, but on some days, having that freedom is the best thing ever.


What I’m Pairing: Wines and Vacation

Our family of four finally managed to get out of the four walls we’ve been in since March and replant ourselves on an island in North Carolina that does a damn fine job of social distancing, even without a pandemic. The beaches are wide and deep, and while you can see people, they’re way more than six feet away. We’ve also reunited with dear friends who’ve also been isolated in their house for way too long, and have enjoyed dinners around the same table, epic Texas Hold’em games, and laughter – tons of it. (Fun fact: our friend’s family has a vineyard in Paso Robles so we also talk about wine…a lot). For such an occasion, I chose my wine carefully.

Here’s what I brought:

The wines that traveled to Bald Head Island, NC.

Beach time: 2019 The Greeter Chardonnay. We love going to the beach when everyone else is leaving – right around sunset, and sipping this friendly and crisp white—also from Paso Robles—is smile-inducing, just like Pip the winery dog on the label.

Shrimp Fest: The family favorite meal consists of Zatarain’s-infused peel-n-eat shrimp, farm tomatoes with mozzarella/basil/pesto, a big garden salad, and garlic bread. My big buttery love the 2017 Gallivant Chardonnay and for our red fans, 2019 Oso Pardo Tempranillo compliment it perfectly.

Burgers and DogsMiddle Jane Zinfandel. With its fruit and spice, would also pair well with BBQ.

Pizza:.2018 Che Fico red wine. A Cab/Merlot blend from Tuscany that recalls easy wines that you’d get at a small Italian trattoria.

Hearty Salads: We love a great Mediterranean salad with spinach, orzo, almonds, dried fruit, and chicken. The smooth and fragrant Che Fico Pinot Grigio is a great compliment.


What to Else to Drink

Scout & Cellar is offering a red and white box set for the ridiculous price of $49 with free shipping (a la carte price $70+). It includes the 2019 Fieldhouse 301 Chardonnay and the 2019 Fieldhouse 301 Red Blend. Fieldhouse is one of my favorite Chards (citrusy, yet smooooooth and vanilla-y and the longer you leave it out the better it gets) and I love all of our red blends (this one is berry/jammy with some herbiness on the backend). The two bottles come in a nice box and make a great gift. Given our weird world, everyone needs a gift.

Did I mention it’s $49, with free shipping?

Bookbinder’s Apprentice, 1st edition. I’ve said this before but GET THIS WINE! Made by the high-end Napa winemaker Bookbinder, this light red blend gives you berries up front, herbs on the back, and jam all the way through. It’s delicious, it’s drinkable daily, and it’s only $16. I’m getting a case, and using my 10% coupon for being a Scout Circle member.

Not a Circle member? If you drink at least four bottles of wine a month, this is the best deal around. $89. (Of course, you can get more and choose the frequency). Free shipping always! Look here.

Scout Circle – the best deal around. Always ships for free and offers access to exclusive wines.


Who else likes wine?

I also hope you’re enjoying The Chardonnay Mom, regular musings about wine, wine pairings, books, and life, written by yours truly. If you know of anyone who’d like to subscribe, you can send them here to sign up directly.


Other Bits and Pieces

Need a side gig? Maybe a new job? Or do you simply love wine and want to try new kinds? Want to support an organization during COVID? And maybe write a newsletter😊? Consultants have many reasons for joining the Scout & Cellar team. If YOU are interested, give me a shout at


A Big Fat Hug

Thank you, my wine fans! Because of your support, I continue to donate to José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that feeds fresh meals to hungry people around the country and keeps restaurants open doing so. This week, I earmarked a donation to specifically help their efforts in with the northern California fires. So many of our wines come from California and I shudder to think what our farmers are dealing with.


Buy all wine here.


©2020 Carol Kaufmann

About me:

My name is Carol Kaufmann.

My teenage son presented me with a burst of inspiration when he sarcastically called me “a Chardonnay mom” one night at dinner. Why should that be an insult? I thought. Why is a Chardonnay mom a bad thing? Chardonnay is a delicious, highly versatile, and glorious grape. Being a Chardonnay mom should mean a woman who wears many hats: a family gal, a hard worker, a passionate devotee to great conversation and gathering of friends. Right then, I decided I would proudly take on that title and promote Chardonnay one glass at a time. And all the other delicious wines out there.

I’m now an executive consultant for Scout & Cellar, a wine company based in Texas that sources and creates Clean-Crafted™ wines from small farms and family-owned vineyards. I joined the team because these wines are delicious, made responsibly without all the chemicals, pesticides, additives, and sweeteners frequently used in other mass-produced wines, and can be consumed by many who have health issues. (Please check with your doctor). Oh, and they’re keto- and paleo-friendly and have 40% fewer calories than most other wines.

I’m also a full-time author/writer/editor; wife and mom of two teenagers, two rescue cats, and a very opinionated bulldog (see below); and native Kentuckian. I love books, travel, my friends and neighbors, wine (of course), and current hometown of Alexandria, Virginia.

CK and 70 pounds of attitude.

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