About Carol

I’ve been creating stories for 25 years. Born and bred in Kentucky, I started working right out of college for CBS News in New York City. One September morning, I took the train to Washington, D.C. and I’ve been here ever since. I worked in television then, but after seven years of the 24/7 on-call lifestyle, I went back to school at Georgetown University, where I read big thoughts of great writers, and earned a Master’s degree in Humanities. During my studies, I found my way to National Geographic where I became a staff writer for their magazine.

My personal and professional travels have taken me from the Pacific Ocean’s floor in a submersible called Alvin to the top the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. I’ve trekked through rice paddies in Indonesia, SCUBAed for underwater treasures in Eastern Europe, had tea in the Sahara and visited a thousand places in between. I love seeing the world, but more than that, I love to hear stories of the fascinating people and creatures in it.

I’ve covered politics and presidential campaigns as well as archaeology, marine biology, and cultural anthropology stories all over the planet. Despite delays and cramped seating, airplanes are exciting to me because they usually indicate a door opening to a new adventure. My writing has appeared in Reader’s Digest, where I was the National Affairs Reporter, The Washington Post, the New York Times, Arlington magazine, AARP Bulletin, Trust, George, and in the anthology A Woman’s Europe. I’ve written three NYT bestsellers: Safari, Ocean, and Polar, a regional bestseller 97 Ways to Make a Cat Like You, and a self-published book Mama Tricks. 

These days, I have many jobs. I’m a full-time writer with an office in Washington, D.C. that I rarely see; a full-time mother of two teens, three rescue cats, and a very opinionated bulldog; and most recently, a wine consultant for the best clean-crafted wine on the planet.  I also try to be a friend who listens and a wife who still dates her husband, not to mention a neighbor who prioritizes getting together with the folks down the street and share a nice Chardonnay.


With my girl Mardi Gras


  1. Claudine Lundgren says:

    Hello, We are doing some research and came across the name of your work as “Early Man: A self Portrait”, but have been unable to locate it.
    Could you please tell us in which issue of National Geographic we can find it? Thank you so much.

    1. carolkaufmann says:

      Hello Claudine,
      I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back with you! Truthfully, I don’t remember writing this particular piece. When I was at Geographic as a staff writer, I wrote dozens of short pieces–and I’m sure this was one. It’s probably only about 200/250 words long. I did try to search for it and found that it was published in 2004. A suggestion: Local libraries usually have all past issues of National Geographic. You could search all 12 issues from 2004. I know that’s a pain, but I’m not sure how else to find it! I didn’t save copies of the short pieces I wrote.
      All the best,
      Carol Kaufmann

  2. I smiled today when I read your blog and found that I was looking at another member of the globe-trotting, conservation-minded, preschooler shepherding species. I don’t suppose either of us remembers the last time we got a blissful 8 hours rest.

    I’m so thrilled about your upcoming book and do hope it will be influential in securing greater protection for tigers. I’m almost reluctant to read it for fear I’ll be swept away, and these days, I really need to buckle down.

    If you get a moment, I’d love to have you take a peak at my website. The Great Animal Rescue Chase tournament to save one million is my baby. We just made our debut in July, (well the royal “we” is primarily “me” behind the scenes.) At this stage, I’m on a quest for visibility and I wonder if perhaps there may be a story in this for AARP? I could easily provide contact details for a diverse group of people in the 50+ bracket who are making time for the occassional act of heroism despite impressive careers and a full family life.

    I’d love chat if you anything you see on the website strikes a chord. I put together a 2 minute promo video which you might enjoy at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qytqe3iMcQ

    Thanks so much for your time Carol. I’m off to scoop up my daughter for another exciting bedtime with the incredible tales of “Dora the Explorer” 🙂

  3. juan andres says:

    the first hello i’m from spain but i live in london and I mean I’m a kid who likes those books that you tosos foticulares and 3D effects and 13th birthday my parents gave me the book SAFARI . I do not think you read this far fencing to answer me but I want to say that I loved your book. history of the child ‘s father artist and it certainly is better to see the animals in their Avitat natural that in a zoo or something. Thank you very nice

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