The Chardonnay Mom Considers Rosé

The Chardonnay Mom: A Newsletter for Wine Lovers and Wine Curious, vol. 2

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What is rosé wine anyway? Is it just a fancy version of the white Zinfandels we first drank in college? Memories of bad decisions and pounding headaches made me give rosés a pass for a long, long time, even when they became quite trendy. Then, I did a bit of research. Amazing what facts and history, those rare commodities, can do for one’s opinion.

Simply, rosé wines come from a bit of contact with the skin of a red grape. See, when grapes are squeezed, their juice is clear. Wines get their color from the juice’s contact with the skin of the grapes. As the skins and the juice soak together the color from the skin bleeds into the juice, giving the wine its yellow or red color. Winemakers create a rosé wine by juicing red grapes and then allowing the juice to soak with the skins – or macerate –  for a very short period, usually only two to three days.

I like red wine. I like white wine.  Ergo, I should like rosés.

But oenophiles have had good reason for bypassing the pink wine when rosés started hitting the U.S. market in the middle of the 20th century. American winemakers were trying capitalize on two instant-success rosés from Portugal that were sweet and inexpensive. (Ew).

Around 1975, Sutter Home made a splash (ha ha) with their white Zinfandel and Americans fell in love. Other wineries got in on the action. But serious wine drinkers wouldn’t consume it, and sommeliers would never serve it.

But then around 2000, something happened. The French started producing tasty rosés –and Americans wanted in. Rosé consumption skyrocketed—surpassing white wine consumption in France—and, these days, shows no sign of coming down.

Because of rosés popularity these days, some – ah hem – less than conscientious winemakers still bottle leftover grapes (Red Alert!!) to meet ever-growing demand. But smarter winemakers do concentrate on making the best rosé possible.

Still suspicious, I boldly gave myself a rosé tasting (see below). I can happily report the sticky sweet memory is indeed in the past and I can now proudly rosé all day. Or at least from 5-7 p.m.

Yummy Rose Options 


2017 Can Sumoi La Rosa (above): This is one of the most delightful of the rose offerings these days. From Catalonia, Spain, this blend of 50% Sumoll, 30% Parellada, 20% Xarello grapes comes from one of the oldest winemaking families in Spain. Expect bursts of lemon, cherry, and strawberry. I’d drink alone or with olives, tomatoes, cheese…any food regularly eaten in the Mediterranean.

2019 L’Original Rosé: From the rosé-producing region of Provence, France, this blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, is perfect for pool/lake/ocean-side. You’ll taste strawberries and peaches.

2019 Gallivant Rosé:  From the MacDowell Valley in California, the Syrah/Zinfandel blend comes from old vines and explodes with strawberries and cherries. This is your picnic wine. Or really, your anytime-it’s-hot wine.

2019 Dove Hunt Dog Rose: Made of 100% Syrah grapes, this rose is earthier that others. Still crisp and fresh, this simple wine will go with seafood and cheese beautifully.

2019 Etnico Rosé:  From Valley del Rapel in Chile, a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot produce light, crisp, and layered flavors. It’s strawberry, sure, maybe orange, but then what is that? The flavors will keep you sipping. Drink in all seasons. A company favorite, it comes from one of the first certified organic and biodynamic farms in South American.

Etnico Rosé


Want the best deal around? The Scout Circle Wine Club is ideal if you regularly drink wine/host gatherings/gift wine. Get 4, 6, or 12 curated bottles, chosen by our CEO Sommalier, every month, every other month, or once a quarter. You choose between all whites, all reds, or mixed. Prices start at $89/four bottles. Shipping is always free, even in summer. Cancel anytime. My Scout Circle membership is how I fell in love with the company. Join here.


Need wine assistance? I’m happy to curate a selection of wines for friends, and friends in the making. Let me know what foods and flavors you like, and I will pick you some winners. I’d also to host a tasting for you and your friends be it a special occasion, a little pre-game, or you know, Wednesday.

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What else I’m sipping right now:

Che Fico Pinot Grigio. Smooth and easy and pairs with easy food. Would be great with any veggie dish. AND it has a lovely orange tint. Our consultants are freaking out over this bottle of deliciousness.

Fieldhouse White Blend: Perfect for the porch. Crisp and easy-drinking.  

Conte de la Terre Vermentino: Oh boy, do I love the vermentino grape during summer! Crisp, fruit-forward.

2019 Conte de la Terre Gewurztraminer: What’s German grape doing in Oregon’s Willamette Valley? Making juicy, citrusy wine with a long-finish, that’s what!

Gallivant Chardonnay: You may have heard me gush about this layered burst of heaven because I can’t stop.

A current summer favorite that WILL SELL OUT: Epic Pursuit Rosé Wine Spritzer. You taste summer fruits—strawberry, peach, blood oranges—with a dose of sparkling umph. Refreshing and dry. And because they come in cute little cans, the EP Rosé is perfect for the beach, pool, patio, a socially-distant picnic, wherever. Everyone I know who has tried them falls in love.

Epic Pursuit Rosé Wine Spritzer

Four 250ml cans for $19. (Limit: 6 packages per order).


About me:

I’m an executive consultant for Scout & Cellar, a wine company based in Texas that sources and creates Clean-Crafted wines from small farms and family-owned vineyards. I joined the team because these wines are delicious, made responsibly without all the chemicals, pesticides, additives, and sweeteners used frequently in other mass-produced wines, and can be consumed by many who have health issues. (Please check with your doctor).

I’m also a full-time author/writer/editor; wife and mom of two teenagers, three rescue cats, and a very opinionated bulldog (see below); and native Kentuckian. I love books, travel, my friends and neighbors, and current hometown of Alexandria, Virginia.